Is CBD Recommended to Treat Tobacco Addiction

Can CBD be an effective treatment method for tobacco addiction? You would never have put addiction treatment and CBD together and yet, people are exploring this option. It’s strange because of CBD’s origins but more want to use this as a way to treat their addiction to tobacco. Addiction, in any form, is awful, and breaking away from it takes determination. There’s no overnight cure to addiction and the reality is that you have to be ready to do something about it. So, is it possible to use Cannabidiol to treat your addiction to tobacco?

Cannabidiol for Addiction

CBD falls into a grey area. It has medical benefits, seemingly without any psychotropic effects – but – its origins trace back to the cannabis plant and that’s what worries people. As you probably know, cannabis is addictive and it wouldn’t be ideal to use Cannabidiol if it caused another addiction. Treating one addiction with another is pointless. The trouble is how CBD is manufactured and produced. While THC levels are supposed to be nonexistent (below 0.3%), you can’t be entirely sure the Cannabidiol product is. So while the idea is great, trusting CBD to treat addiction is tricky to do so.  More details!

Don’t Let CBD Become Your Addiction Substitute

While it’s entirely possible cannabigerol might help treat tobacco addiction, you have to be careful it doesn’t become your new addiction. Remember, it’s easy to replace one addictive substance with another and that’s not the point of treating addiction. You want to enjoy and appreciate all things in life and that means not relying on something, even CBD, to get you through the day. That’s not the point of tobacco or CBD. These are meant to be used recreationally.

Will Cannabidiol Be An Effective Solution To Use?

At the moment, studies between tobacco addiction and CBD as a treatment method are limited. It’s hard to say for absolute certainty if it’s 100% effective or not. The signs are there but CBD is still very much new and so much is unknown as yet. What’s also important to remember is that depending on how deep your addiction goes Cannabidiol may be suitable for some tobacco addicts. For instance, someone smoking thirty cigarettes a day may require additional treatment to break their habit. Also, some will have more success than others.

However, the level of addiction must also be considered. Some aren’t ready to quit tobacco and will use Cannabidiol in addition to tobacco. Others will move from tobacco to CBD addiction. That’s why more testing and studies are required. If you want to use CBD to treat your tobacco addiction, speak to your doctor, and find out if this is a possibility for you.

Potential on the Horizon

Tobacco is a highly addictive substance. It might look harmless but it can overtake your body in an instance and quitting isn’t as easy as it sounds. Thousands want an effective way to treat their addiction and CBD is something which more are looking into. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get mixed messages from CBD and its effectiveness to treat tobacco addiction. It’s down to the fact that studies have been limited in this capacity. There’s no conclusive answer over Cannabidiol treating tobacco addiction but it may be possible one day. Check out this site: